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Loft Conversion FAQ's


Q. What experience does Blueprint Lofts have?
A.  Here at blueprint lofts we are not your typical construction company who state they are specialists in all types of building work. We specialize in one thing Building Loft Conversions.  Our teams have years of experience under their belts, and a whole bag of knowledge. Our design team and building team deal only with loft conversions on a day to day basis, On hand we have experienced, CAD Technicians, Joiners, plasterers, Plumbers, Electricians and Structural Engineers.



Q. What about Planning Permission do I need it?

A.  In most cases not all Loft Conversions require Planning Permission. Planning is only usually required if the proposed works fronts a highway, exceeds or protrudes higher than the existing ridgeline, or 200mm from the eaves. In most cases Loft Conversion can be built under Permitted Development Rights better known as LDC applications. Once Blueprints Surveyors have fully assessed your property we can then give you a more formal decision, Please see our link below which will take you to the Planning Portal and a Fantastic 3D interactive guide.


Interactive House

If your property is Semi Detached please click on the link below to open the interactive model and find out everything you need to know about your Planning Permission requirements:

Interactive Terrace

If your property is a Terrace please click on the link below and find out everything you need to know about your Planning Permission and Building Regulation requirements:

Interactive House

Interactive Terrace



Building Regulations:

Q. Do I require Building Regulations?
A. YES! All Loft Conversions  consist of major building works which has a lot of structural requirements therefore always require Building Regulations Approval so please do not let anyone tell you different. Here at Blueprint Lofts we have our very own design team and surveyors who will produce full scaled drawings which indicates all Specifications for building control (Please see the link on our home page for examples of our plans).

A typical Loft Conversion Plan Indicates: (Brief Description, all drawings are different and can differ in detail.)

Fire Protection:

  • Installation of smoke detectors
  • Means of Escape
  • Internal Fire Spread (Structure)
  • External Fire Spread

Structural Layout:

  • Steel Beam for New floor Supports
  • Floor Joists sizes and position
  • Stairwell Trimmers
  • Ridge Beams etc

Insulation Details:

  • Wall Insulation sizes and U-Values
  • Sloping Ceiling Insulation sizes and U-Values
  • External Wall Insulation sizes and U-Values

Electrical & Plumbing Layout for:

  • Radiators
  • Lights/Switches
  • Sockets
  • SVP Waste
  • RWP Waste

Floor Plan & Section Layouts:

  • Ground Floor Layout / First Floor Layout / Roof Plan Layout
  • Cross Section Detail
  • Stairwell Detail
  • Beam Connection Detail


  • A full Written Specification for the loft conversion works will be provided by us.


Architectural Plans:

Q. Do we need to appoint an Architect and project manager?
A. NO, At Blueprint Lofts we have our own in house CAD Technicians who will complete the detailed drawings as part of our service unless otherwise stated. Our Designers will be in contact with you on a day to day basis until Completion of the works. Each of our lofts undertaken has their very own projects manager who will organize materials and timescales etc.  



Q. How long will the Loft Conversion take?
A. This does all depend upon the type and size of your conversion you choose to have done. However, we endeavor to complete building work within 6-10 weeks.



Q. What sort of disruption can I expect throughout my conversion?
A. The majority of the conversion will take place via access externally from the scaffolding in order to keep the disruption at a minimum. Staircase installation/ceiling breakthrough is the most dusty and messy part of the conversion, However we will endeavor to keep all areas as clean and tidy as much as possible. Normally clients take up the existing landing carpets to before works begin as an extra precaution.



Q. What guarantees do you give?
A. 5 Years guarantee for works completed unless otherwise stated

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