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Can your loft be converted?

The First step In order to have a Loft Conversion that meets building regulations is the minimum head height requirement we have in place. (2.2) meters or 2200mm, needs to be achievable in an existing loft space (Note: this height dimension is Blueprint Lofts min requirement as other companies may be different). This dimension needs to be taken from the top of your existing ceiling joists to the underside of your existing ridge board, If you require assistance please call us on 01942 881 309 for further help.


If you do not Have 2.2 meters do not give up give us a call as we may be able to lower your existing first floor ceiling height to gain more loft height, Call Us Now To Discuss.


There are two types of roofs:

  1. Truss Roofs
  2. Traditional Roofs

Both of which can be converted, but design is the key in order to maximize your loft and use it to its full potential please let our design team do their magic.


There are x3 main Types of Loft Conversions:

  1. Dormer Loft Conversions
  2. Mansard Loft Conversions
  3. Velux Loft Conversions

Dormer Loft ConversionMansard Loft ConversionVelux Loft Conversion


Other Conversions are:

  • Hip to Gables
  • Cottage Dormers
  • Hip End Dormers
  • Gable fronted Dormers

While each loft conversion is different in every way, but the procedures stay the same. Every Loft Conversion goes through the same basic stages, at each of the stages we will endeavour to ensure your needs are being met as much as possible. Throughout the works you will have direct contact with the designers, surveyors, project manager, Joiners throughout the conversion.


The Normal Procedures are:

  1. Your First point of contact will be with our surveyor who will do a brief site survey and measure the Loft Space, Existing First Floor, Landing area in order to provide you with a scheme design later. The surveyor will then sit down with yourselves to go through your ideas and to show you our portfolio of recent work. Once the surveyor has listened to you ideas he will be able to give you the best conversion that will suit your requirements and budget.
  2. A full detailed price list will be sent out to yourselves along with a design scheme
  3. Once you have decided on your conversion we will arrange for our surveyor to re-visit your property to complete a full dimensional survey of your property. This will then be taken to our head office where your plans will be produced.
  4. Once the drawings are completed we will sit down with yourselves and go through the designs etc. Only once your happy with the drawings we will then ask you to sign off the plans.
  5. All Local Authority Submissions will then take place.
  6. Once approvals are in place we will then arrange your Conversion start date.
  7. Scaffolding can now be erected were required and a skip positioned were needed.
  8. Steels and most of the materials will be delivered to site. The majority of the materials and steel will be hoisted up onto the scaffolding.
  9. Building works Will now commence
  10. Our Project manager will carry out all checks and to meet the building inspector at major stages throughout the works.
  11. Once all works has been completed and the building inspector has done his final inspection we will now leave site.
  12. A clear site will now be completed to ensure all left over material has been removed.
  13. Finished!
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Can your loft be converted?
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